The Gold Charger

By 2030, the entire transport sector’s climate impact in Sweden must have decreased by 70%. Achieving this target requires effort from all directions, which is why Fortum Charge & Drive, The 2030 Secretariat, and the Power Circle instituted the Laddguldet, or “The Gold Charger” competition to find Sweden’s best electric car municipality. The Gold Charger competition was launched in 2017, and the winner was Gälve, followed by Östersund and Falun - who took home second and third place respectively. In shared fourth place came Stockholm, Jönköping, and Kalmar. In 2018, The Lerum municipality and Ryska Posten won.

In 2019 we are again looking for Sweden’s most electric vehicle friendly municipality. To nominate your municipality, you can submit your proposal from the form. The winners are selected by a jury of electric vehicle experts. The judgement criteria and the prize for the best electric vehicle municipality will be decided shortly and announced here!

The Jury

Tobias Henmark, Business Manager Public Charging Sweden, Fortum Charge& Drive

Tobias Henmark, Business Manager Public Charging Sweden, Fortum Charge& Drive

Johanna Lakso, VD Powercicle

Johanna Lakso, VD Powercicle

Mattias Goldmann, VD Fores

Mattias Goldmann, VD Fores

The Organisers


Fortum Charge & Drive

Fortum Charge & Drive is the leading EV charge point operator in the Nordics. We install, operate, and grow our charging network in cooperation with our partners to enable clean e-mobility wherever you go. All the electricity from Fortum Charge & Drive’s chargers is 100% zero-emission (either wind or hydropower). Fortum Charge & Drive is part of Fortum, the largest utility in the Nordics. 96% of Fortum’s energy production in Europe is CO2-free.


2030 Secretariatet

The main contribution to climate change in Sweden, as in many other developed nations, is transport. With this in mind, we have formed 2030-sekretariatet, the 2030 secretariat, a “coalition of the willing” to reach a fossil fuel independent transport sector by 2030. This target was originally proposed by the former Swedish government in 2009 and was hereafter the focus for a national commission which presented its work in December 2013. The current government reasserted the target in 2015.


Power Circle

Power Circle is a power industry’s interest organisation and an association for future issues. We support the overall mission of our partner companies to bring on the role of electricity as an enabler for sustainable social development. With a broad network, and in close cooperation with our partners, Power Circle enables dialogue and exchange, as well as development, demonstration, and influence through good examples and practical experience.