This year’s partner event will be hosted in cooperation with, and on the premises of, MVM Group, the leading power company in Hungary. The venue is conveniently located in the center of Budapest, just 30km from the airport.

Szentendrei út 207-209
Budapest, 1031, Hungary


Danubius Resort Margitsziget. Picture from

Danubius Resort Margitsziget. Picture from


Those attending from Fortum Charge & Drive will mostly be staying at the Danubius Resort Margitsziget, located on the Margaret Island in the Danube river. The beautiful city of Budapest has a wide array of excellent hotels near the city center and the event venue. Please make your own hotel and travel arrangements; Fortum Charge & Drive will not be offering any centralized travel arrangements or hotel bookings.

La Fabbrica Restaurant

Address: Budapest, Sas u. 8, 1051 Hungary
Time: 19:00

Menu, Cost & Payment

The menu below has been selected as a buffet, and the total cost includes the food and drinks menu. Them menu has a broad range of food to choose from, keeping in mind the dietary restrictions and food allergies submitted in the registration form. We have asked that the food is clearly labeled, especially with regard to allergies. The restaurant has suggested that guests pay as they come into the restaurant. The costs listed below include the buffet menu, drinks package, and service charge (13%).

Cost: 14 690 HUF (c. €45)


  • Typical Hungarian paté with cottage cheese, pepper, and onion with fresh vegetables.

  • Grilled polenta with forest mushroom and cheese

  • Fresh mixed salad with roasted chicken

  • Tuscan dried ham with pizza pancake


  • Pumpkin cream soup

Main Courses

  • Chicken breast supreme “bakony” style

  • Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach

  • Lasagna bolognese

  • Bacon wrapped pork Hungarian style

  • Shallots with croquette

  • Chicken “pizzaiola” style with spice sablé potato

  • Pig knuckles “pékné” style, with potato


  • Somlói galuska / Hugarian trifle

  • Apple pie

  • Ricotta cake with pear

Drinks package

Served from 19:00 - 22:00

  • Mineral water

  • Home made syrups

  • Soft drinks

  • Coffee and tea

  • Ca´di Rajo Prosseco Doc Extra Dry

  • Thumerrer Királyleányka / White wine

  • Káli Kövek Rizling / White wine

  • Pannonhalmi Apátsági Rosé

  • Vestergombi Kadarka / Red wine

  • Draught beer

Taxies in Budapest

We advise guests to call by phone or order taxies through an application when you are in Budapest. All the taxi companies are reputable in Budapest, only taxi drivers without permits (called “hyenas”) should be avoided. Avoid hyena taxies by calling or using an app.

At the airport we recommend you go directly to the cab booth/kiosk, which is outside the building right near the exit doors.

Below is a list of the largest cab companies in Budapest. All of them accept credit cards, operators speak English (not all cab drivers do), and the applications can be download from their websites:

  • Főtaxi, phone: +36 1 222 2 222, website.

  • City Taxi, phone: +36 1 2 111 111, website.

  • Budapest Taxi, phone: +36 1 777 7777, website.

  • 6x6 Taxi, phone: +36 1 6 666 666, website.

  • Taxify, website